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Setting Your Goals & Resolutions for 2013

Goals should be realistic. If you have been having trouble finishing rides or races with the group, setting a goal to place in the top five of a race you have never finished with the group would probably be too aggressive at this point in time. There are goals for every level of rider - you just have think about them.

Exeter University Set to Become Centre Of Excellence for Cycling

Alongside the race team, CMI are very proud to announce that it will manage an exciting new project, University of Exeter Elite Cycling, an extension of the CMI rider development programme. It is the intention of both CMI and The University to establish Exeter as the primary destination for aspiring young undergraduates with real cycling talent. The support structure and knowledge is in place at the University, and combined with the CMI management and senior rider experience, this will offer a unique pathway to an international race team. It is hoped that with this partnership, CMI and the University can develop an increased pool of talent that offers young riders a training and race structure that is the best currently available in the UK.

Which helmet ?

 At a recent ‘helmet’ convention in Belgium the EU Bureaucrat   Professor Pizzle gave his thoughts on helmet size and colours.

Which colour helmet performs best?

Why Do I get Sick at Christmas?

For most of us holidays and time off are a time to recharge our batteries and chill out. For some people though, as soon as they stop work and try to relax they get ill.

Are you one of those people lying on a golden beach, blue waves lapping at your feet with a splitting headache? Or have you missed Christmas lunch as you are in bed with flu?

People who are never sick in their working week come down with headaches, colds, sickness or fevers as soon as they leave the everyday stresses and strains behind.

Cycle Fitting

A comprehensive bike fit is something we advocate for every cyclist. Whatever your discipline, cycling level or targets, your position on the bike is absolutely crucial for cycling comfort, enjoyment and performance.

Racing Advice

Consultation service for new or experienced racing cyclists looking to improve performance.

Spin Scan Analysis

In this test we will analyse your pedalling efficiency using the Computrainer's revolutionary Spin Scan Pedal Stroke Analyser software.

Power Output Analysis

Going faster is all about how much power you can push out measured in Watts. Simply, to go faster, you need more watts.

Beginners Advice

Ideal for those new to cycling that want to find new routes and have a personal chat with a coach who will analyse, discuss and give advice on.

Personal Consultation

After your testing, or just as a stand alone consultation we will have an in depth chat about your goals, sporting history, lifestyle, equipment and more.


Testimonials for Koolstof Training Plans and Services

Koolstof Athletes

A short introduction to some of the athletes that work with Koolstof to achieve their cycling aims.

Five Common Cycling Mistakes

Simple mistakes can cost you valuable time and effort on the road or the trails, but with a bit of practice these can be easily corrected, resulting in more confidence, less energy consumption and higher speeds, so you'll no longer be lagging behind your mates or limping over the finish line.

Starting out

Cycling has a magical ability to be whatever the rider wants it to be. Fun, challenging, scary, romantic, social, silly… you name it and there’s a type of cycling for it. You can even change what type you are doing to suit your mood on any given day, which is why most avid cyclists end up with several different bikes.

Nutrition Mistakes

Sometimes as a newcomer to the sport, it’s easy to ignore aspects of fuelling and eating. When you get into cycling finding the lightest carbon fibre component seems much more interesting than discovering the right combination of energy drinks.

Cycling for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight by cycling, you will find pedal power great fun.

It's challenging, sociable and offers a great workout. Suitable for everyone, any age or level of fitness, cycling helps weight loss as it burns calories, improves health and gets you out and about.

Coping with Winter Weather

The thought of winter cycling is often enough to put off even hardened road riders – a turbo trainer or lie-in can seem like a preferable alternative to battling through ice, sleet, rain or a freezing wind trying to stay warm and upright on your bike. 

Cycling in Traffic

Many people cite safety fears as the reason they wouldn't commute by bike. Here cycling skills and safety consultant John Franklin goes through the basics of riding in traffic.

28 Top Training Tips

Below are 28 top training tips to help you train, race and recover more effectively. This week we've also got more training tips daily on the @jjkoolstof twitter account. 
  1. Choose your races carefully
  2. Always check with work / family / partner and diary before entering events

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