Setting Your Goals & Resolutions for 2013

Goals should be realistic. If you have been having trouble finishing rides or races with the group, setting a goal to place in the top five of a race you have never finished with the group would probably be too aggressive at this point in time. There are goals for every level of rider - you just have think about them.

Exeter University Set to Become Centre Of Excellence for Cycling

Alongside the race team, CMI are very proud to announce that it will manage an exciting new project, University of Exeter Elite Cycling, an extension of the CMI rider development programme. It is the intention of both CMI and The University to establish Exeter as the primary destination for aspiring young undergraduates with real cycling talent. The support structure and knowledge is in place at the University, and combined with the CMI management and senior rider experience, this will offer a unique pathway to an international race team. It is hoped that with this partnership, CMI and the University can develop an increased pool of talent that offers young riders a training and race structure that is the best currently available in the UK.

Why Do I get Sick at Christmas?

For most of us holidays and time off are a time to recharge our batteries and chill out. For some people though, as soon as they stop work and try to relax they get ill.

Are you one of those people lying on a golden beach, blue waves lapping at your feet with a splitting headache? Or have you missed Christmas lunch as you are in bed with flu?

People who are never sick in their working week come down with headaches, colds, sickness or fevers as soon as they leave the everyday stresses and strains behind.

28 Top Training Tips

Below are 28 top training tips to help you train, race and recover more effectively. This week we've also got more training tips daily on the @jjkoolstof twitter account. 
  1. Choose your races carefully
  2. Always check with work / family / partner and diary before entering events

Why are my results disappointing?

You’ve been training hard all winter, get to your first month of racing and feel as though you haven’t improved and in fact your legs feel empty and worse than last season, and can’t work out why so you ask your coach what’s gone wrong!

Want to increase aerodynamics, efficiency and power output? The answer might just be under your skin...

Let’s face it, we work hard in our training, we look after ourselves, follow the right diet, get all the best gear – and all to gain that extra few percent. If I were to tell you that we’ve been ignoring the largest element of the body - our connective tissue, or ‘fascia’....

Antioxidant Status

Poor nutritional habits cause malnutrition and health related disorders and disease.  They also prevent optimal performance, recovery and regeneration for athletes.  Over the last five to ten years, the word antioxidant has become more prevalent in the media whether being advertised in make up, the latest fruit juice, or fruit and vegetables.

Posture and Respiratory Performance in Cycling

Of all of the requirements to produce energy for cycling nothing is of greater importance than oxygen. Our ability to take in optimal amounts from the air and use this through respiratory exchange essentially provides the gas that runs our cycling engine.

Body Fat Analysis

Measuring weight has long been an indicator of health and performance, but it does not actually provide much of an insight.  It does not tell us what constitutes that weight – is there an excess of fat or has there been excess muscle loss, for example?

Why Train with Power?

Power Meters and Power Training maximise training time and intensity. Here at Koolstofcoaching we can help you become more powerful, faster and fitter.

Breathing Strong in the Saddle – The quickest and easiest way to enhance performance

Over the past decade, a quiet revolution has taken place in sports training. Once viewed with scepticism, breathing muscle training is now seen as one of the “quickest and easiest” routes to improve performance. Professor Alison McConnell, the author of “Breathe Strong, Perform Better”, is the scientist at the heart of this revolution, here she explains why a little heavy breathing is just what the doctor ordered.

Fuelling and Recovery Explained

As much as we’d like to separate the concepts of Fuelling and Recovery and discuss them independently, it’s impossible, because they are unquestionably linked. Our intention is to clarify the two concepts in the following document to help you optimise your nutritional strategies.

The Winter Training Bike

The humble winter training bike - generally unloved, abused and rarely exposed to anything other than wet, salty filth, it is none the less, crucial to winter training success.

Aero Wheels or Aero Helmet: Which Is The Best Value For Money?

The nice thing about time trials is that it is possible to ‘buy’ time. And most of us do that on the bike. But when it comes to investing in the purchase of time, what represents the best value for money? Koolstof compares the aero wheel to the aero helmet.

Importance of Fluid Intake

For some individuals there is a greater focus on fuelling and refuelling their body with food rather than fluids pre exercise and post exercise, as generally people are aware that the body needs more energy from food to carry out physical activity.  However, water is one of the most essential nutrients required in the diet and must not be ignored. Water is essential for removing toxins from the body such as; lactic acid which occurs during physical activity and is necessary to assist in transporting nutrients around the body. If insufficient water is consumed it can be detrimental to performance and can affect you both physically and psychologically.

Prepare for the winter party season

As the long winter evenings draw in, we inevitably find ourselves staying in more often to enjoy our favourite TV shows and snacking on our favourite comfort foods….and although it’s easy to become complacent and let the winter pounds pile on, why not follow a few easy steps that will ensure you enjoy the run up to Christmas but are still in great shape for the party season?

Avoid a cold this winter

The problem we have here as coaches is trying to get you cyclists to take rest and nutrition as seriously as you take the training part.
We have often been heard to say at workshops and training days ‘its not the hour a day that the cyclist spends training that we worry about, it’s the other 22-23 hours that will make the difference’.
Over the years this has become the key to success for many we help and advise. Yes we can tell you how often, fast and long to train but it really counts for nothing if you are always tired and ill.  You won’t become the cyclist you could be if you don’t attempt to get this part right.
So the following tips will help you to avoid getting a winter cold, but more importantly, they will definitely help you to be a better cyclist all of the time.

Pre Winter Checklist

The race and sportive season has finished and you should now be enjoying a well deserved rest from the bike. Why not utilise that free time to get a health check up and get your winter bike ready for those darker, cooler and wetter rides! I’ve listed some TIPS for you that have served my clients well in the past.

Progressive Training

Let’s face it we have all gone out on our first ride overdone the miles and intensity, then had sore legs and been too tired to ride for a few days. Progressively train duration and intensity and you will reach the fitness levels required for your ‘Goal Events’ enjoying your bike and not having sore legs every day.

Training Explained

Training needn’t be complicated and anyone from novice to a Professional can benefit. Athletes often like to have a basic understanding of training and what sessions they will be doing, which helps motivates them. It is important to remember we are all different depending upon.

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