Why Do I get Sick at Christmas?

For most of us holidays and time off are a time to recharge our batteries and chill out. For some people though, as soon as they stop work and try to relax they get ill.

Are you one of those people lying on a golden beach, blue waves lapping at your feet with a splitting headache? Or have you missed Christmas lunch as you are in bed with flu?

People who are never sick in their working week come down with headaches, colds, sickness or fevers as soon as they leave the everyday stresses and strains behind.

Avoid a cold this winter

The problem we have here as coaches is trying to get you cyclists to take rest and nutrition as seriously as you take the training part.
We have often been heard to say at workshops and training days ‘its not the hour a day that the cyclist spends training that we worry about, it’s the other 22-23 hours that will make the difference’.
Over the years this has become the key to success for many we help and advise. Yes we can tell you how often, fast and long to train but it really counts for nothing if you are always tired and ill.  You won’t become the cyclist you could be if you don’t attempt to get this part right.
So the following tips will help you to avoid getting a winter cold, but more importantly, they will definitely help you to be a better cyclist all of the time.



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