Antioxidant Status

Poor nutritional habits cause malnutrition and health related disorders and disease.  They also prevent optimal performance, recovery and regeneration for athletes.  Over the last five to ten years, the word antioxidant has become more prevalent in the media whether being advertised in make up, the latest fruit juice, or fruit and vegetables.

Body Fat Analysis

Measuring weight has long been an indicator of health and performance, but it does not actually provide much of an insight.  It does not tell us what constitutes that weight – is there an excess of fat or has there been excess muscle loss, for example?

Fuelling and Recovery Explained

As much as we’d like to separate the concepts of Fuelling and Recovery and discuss them independently, it’s impossible, because they are unquestionably linked. Our intention is to clarify the two concepts in the following document to help you optimise your nutritional strategies.

Importance of Fluid Intake

For some individuals there is a greater focus on fuelling and refuelling their body with food rather than fluids pre exercise and post exercise, as generally people are aware that the body needs more energy from food to carry out physical activity.  However, water is one of the most essential nutrients required in the diet and must not be ignored. Water is essential for removing toxins from the body such as; lactic acid which occurs during physical activity and is necessary to assist in transporting nutrients around the body. If insufficient water is consumed it can be detrimental to performance and can affect you both physically and psychologically.

Prepare for the winter party season

As the long winter evenings draw in, we inevitably find ourselves staying in more often to enjoy our favourite TV shows and snacking on our favourite comfort foods….and although it’s easy to become complacent and let the winter pounds pile on, why not follow a few easy steps that will ensure you enjoy the run up to Christmas but are still in great shape for the party season?



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