Tailor Made Plans

8 Week Tailored Plans to fit around your work,family,social commitments and designed specifically for your 2013 goals and challenges, for only £39.97


  • Sportive
  • Time Trial
  • Road Race

You are only 3 easy steps away from starting your plan

  1. Cick here to purchase your 8 week plan for only £39.97
  2. Download a questionnaire HERE to help Koolstof design your plan and email it back to us ASAP.
  3. Koolstof will the send you your login details to start your plan within 5 working days.

How does it work?

Plan Customisation

Koolstof Training Plans are tailored for you, and so they are suitable for the beginner through to the experienced cyclist. We do this through an assessment of your needs via a questionnaire so coach can provide a plan taking into account:

•    your current fitness level
•    your recent training workload
•    experience level
•    the time you have available to train each week (you nominate a range of hours per week you typically have available for training)
•    the type of race, event or fitness goal you are aiming for
•    when you want the plan to commence (so you can time the plan to fit in with your goals)
•    whether you are using a power meter or a heart rate monitor to guide daily training
In addition to customisation of each plan based on the above, Koolstof Training Plans provide the following additional features:
•    Details of the workout to be completed for each day
•    Workouts describing ride type, duration, intensity, and any specific efforts or intervals
•    Training is prescribed using either Koolstof’s Power or Heart Rate training zones
•    Training plans are delivered through Training Peaks on-line coaching portal, and are securely accessible via any internet enabled device (e.g. computer browser, smart phone or tablet)
•    Access to Koolstof Sport coaches for interaction via a social media style interface, for ongoing questions or clarifications on the plans (a reasonable use limit applies)


To help you get the most out of your cycling ride faster and have fun, I’m giving away with every training plan for a limited time only:-

  • A free download of my highly acclaimed and easy to follow Training Guide which includes: - Nutrition, Training, Stretches, Descending & Cornering Tips - £14.97FREE
  • FREE weekly advice and tips sent to you direct to your inbox on how get fit, stay healthy & safe, injury free, lose weight, look after your bike and much much more… - £47.95 FREE




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    8 Week Tailored Plans to fit around your work,family,social commitments and designed ...

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