God Be With Las Vegas During Christmas And Let’s Keep The News Headlines Encouraging

You know that the news from Vegas is going to be heavy. There are the good headlines, and there are the bad headlines. What happens in Las Vegas doesn’t stay there, that’s for sure. Many times, it gets reported in the news. Are you ready to see what’s going on in the City of Lights?

Vegas is also known as Sin City, as you may well know already. There are some rescue dogs up for adoption, Pomeranians, and they are at the City National Arena. These cute dogs made the headlines because of their story, and they are also a reminder that many dogs out there need rescued. In other news, there was a shooting in the parking lot at Sunrise Hospital.

There is also a news story about a woman who was mauled to death by her own pitbulls. Both of those last two stories are tragic, and it is hard to find the words when you read headline after headline like that in a world that. You just feel sorry for the victims, and you wish that we as a world could come together in real love, not drifting further and further apart from each other.

I can just see both sides arguing about each of the last news stories, not reading between the lines. Sexual harassment claims have surfaced against Representative Kihuen, and he is not going to seek reelection. There are some other decent news stories out there in Vegas, but most of what I reported in that city is heavy on the heart. God help the people who live there. I wouldn’t want to for sure, and it’s also unfortunate that many of the city’s visitors wish to partake in all of the mayhem. I want to watch my tone of judgment because I have a plank in my own eye. God be with Las Vegas and Merry Christmas.