Personal 1-1 Plans tailored to fit around YOUR lifestyle! From ONLY £5 a week. Start TODAY!

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1-1 personal plans tailored to fit around your lifestyle and help you hit your 2-13 goals

All training plans are set up on an individual basis. Please contact us below to discuss how we can improve your performance on the bike, either for Sportives, Road Racing or Time Trials.

Depending on which coaching package you choose, you will get access to direct coaching support from professional cycling coaches. We will assess your objectives and ongoing performance and continually refine your training schedule to suit your needs.

Contact us on 01392 247519 or

                                                           Training Plan Name

 What's Included?

Power +

HeartRate +

Performer +

Monthly Fee £60 £50 £20
What's included in the plan
Free Online Basic Training Diary (*5) Y Y Y
Power Zones Set by Coach Y N N
Heart Rate Zones Set by Coach Y Y *1
Power Files Analysis by Coach (*4) Y N N
Heart Rate Files Analysis by Coach (*4) Y Y N
Annual Training Plan Y Y N
Individual Tailored Plan Weekly Weekly Monthly
Online Feedback Weekly Weekly Monthly
Contact by Internal Messaging Y Y Y
Contact by Phone Y> Y N
Nutritional Advice(*2) Y Y N
Fully Functional Food Diary Y Y Y
Goal Setting Y Y Y
Core/Flexibility Advice (*3) Y Y Y
Training Stress Score Y Y N
Access to Athlete Resources Y Y Y


  • *1 - Heart Rate zones. The plan will include how to calculate them
  • *2 - General advice not complete meal plans which may be charged at an extra fee
  • *3 - General advice, not a personalised daily core plan which may be charged at an extra fee
  • *4 - All power and heart rate files to be downloaded by athlete into Training Peaks
  • *5- Any Training Peak diary created by Koolstof coaching remains the physical & intellectual property of koolstof when any coaching package ceases.


Contact us on 01392 247519 or


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