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In 2008 I decided to ride 'The London to Paris Charity Ride'. I was at that time a housewife with several children and was completely new to cycling. My family thought I was mad! A friend recommended Julius and I went to seek his advice. After careful planning around my family life and commitments we drew up a training plan that was practical to complete. The training was hard but fun as it was so varied. As the weight dropped off me and I became fitter I looked and felt years younger. The big day arrived for my 3 day ride to Paris with the men! I loved the whole trip and by the third day the men were hanging on my wheel as my fitness started to show, a lot of egos took a battering!  A Great ride, money raised for charity and a new younger Nicola!

Nicola - sportive rider


Hi Julius,

You might remember me, you cycled alongside me a couple months ago, had a chat and you kindly sent me your Sportive guide as I had been talking to you about me doing the Force Charity ride.

I would like to say thank you as the advice you gave me helped lots, in fact I did the 55 mile charity ride yesterday and came in joint first with my friend. I know it’s not a race etc. but it was such an achievement for me as I am completely new to cycling.

What really helped was the information you gave me about GI foods, up until then I had struggled with my weight. I decided to try what you said and reached the target weight I had set myself. Until then it seemed no matter how hard I trained the weight didn’t shift.

Also you explained how riding was about piecing different parts together, so instead of just riding as I had been I would instead do 1 day strength training in harder gears, a couple days interval training, a day endurance training, some repeated hill climbing.

Simon - sportive rider


In 2010 I was an inexperienced young 4th Cat who dreamed of winning events against Elite athletes. In 2011 I am now an Elite Category rider and have won events against National level riders. With Julius’ advice and encouragement when things didn’t go to plan, he helped me step a level every time that I needed to. When I was injured and couldn’t get on the road Julius encouraged me with practical indoor sessions.  I am now a leaner, fitter and better rider!

Adam Bright


Julius's holisic approach to training has produced amazing results. Better diet, reduced body weight and complete muscle conditioning has improved my 10mile tt time by over 2 minutes in just 12months. Great coaching and reliable feedback/advice.

Rob Barrow


I have been around the sport of cycling for more than 30 years in many of its forms. Road racing, time trialling, mountain biking and triathlon to name but a few and with varying degrees of success.

I have in recent years decided to get a little more serious and this has resulted in some improvement. However I have always wondered what sort of increases in performance could be made with a "good coach". I use the term good reservedly. There are plenty of good intentioned people who have offered friendly advice. But I believe in the adage "if you want good advice seek out someone who has done what you want to do".

Often times these people will not want to disclose their hard won secrets. But from my first conversation with Julius on the subject I knew I'd found what I needed. Julius had had an incredible season in 2006 and if I could get to discover what it took to compete at that level I was interested.

And so it was that around the middle of the 2007 season I approached Julius for some advice. From the outset I have found him genuinely concerned about my perception of his help. He does not promise miracles; and everyone’s expectations are different. But what I have felt is his real ability to perceive where you are at and tell you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear.

He will challenge your fixed beliefs in what you are good and bad at. Yes you will get training schedules, those themselves are motivational, but his help extends far beyond this. It’s his words of encouragement when things aren’t going so good that keep you motivated. If you are after a short cut forget it. What I have learnt most from Julius help is that the secret is "hard work".

I recommend him unreservedly whether you seek improvement against the watch or on the road.

This year I have achieved way beyond my expectations.

Nick Harwood


I used to look at some of the top riders and wonder how they turned out some of these untouchable times they were producing. And one day after speaking to Julius Jennings after an event with the same thoughts I asked him that question, how, what do you do to ride that fast. The reply was simple, training; any one can do what I do. Really!

From there he started to draw up a training schedule which has taken me from a mid-level club rider to someone who has achieved results that I once used to think were for the super talented.

Training is hard, if you really want the results. But the training schedules are well laid out and simple to follow.

When I did my first 50 mile TT I wanted the challenge but didn't necessary feel that I could race that distance, Julius had more belief in me to do the distance and in a good time than me, as he had guided me through training. With his knowledge and skill on how to ride the event not only did I do the event with in a superb time I also walked away from the event as the South West Divisional Champion overall.

If you want the results and more importantly prepared to do the hard training Julius can take you there, you can also mix it with the best and Win. These results have been brought on by careful structured training with words of encouragements from one of the top riders in the South West. I can personally recommend any one who has the desire and the mind set to succeed to follow Julius Jennings coaching to achieve those dream times and results.

Karl Hodson

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