Training Guide

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Koolstof Guide to Training includes the following topics:

  • Progressive Training
  • Sessions
  • Training Explained
  • Training Zones
  • Intro to Sportives
  • Sportive Equipment
  • Event Day Checklist
  • Riding Your Sportives
  • Intro to Time Trials
  • Time Trial Equipment
  • Intro to Road Races
  • Road Race Equipment
  • Road Day Preparation
  • Clothing & Kit
  • Bike Fit
  • Basic Bicycle Maintenance
  • How to Ride in Groups Safely
  • Descending & Cornering Tips
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Fuelling Your Ride
  • Why Cyclists Need to Stretch
  • Fitness Testing
  • Why Train with Power?
  • Q-Rings for 3% More Power!
  • Powerbreathe
  • Cycle Fitting
  • Stretch to Win

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